Book Edinburgh Police Choir

If you would like to book us for any event please email us in the first instance, at

All requests are reviewed by the committee to assess if we are willing and capable of performing and if our calendar allows us to do so - our Musical Director has a number of other committments, so his availability is often a key factor. The choir members will then be canvassed to ascertain their availablity and ensure the choir would be of sufficient number and appropriate balance. A request may be declined at any point during this process, but we will be in contact throughout with updates and are always keen to come up with a way that enables us to sing.

Once we have agreed to perform an allocated member of our Events Team will work with you on the logistics of the event, ie. what we sing, where we sing, faclities needed.

Please do not be afraid to request a performance for fear your event is not suitable, or too small, we have sung in all kinds of places, to audiences large and small throughout our existence and are happy to consider all proposals.

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